To whoever is reading this section, I want to convey my gratitude for your interest in this very personal universe called Vagary Kalon.

If something defines me it is strength, courage, transformation and openness to life and I try to reflect those qualities in my creations that come from the deepest part of my soul. My inspiration comes from the energy of my mother and the colour with which I like to see and feel life.

My mother passed away three years before I created Vagary Kalon, she suffered from a cancer that took her away in just 21 days. It was an emotional cancer… enormous resentments that she never expressed nor accepted and many (negative) emotions got stuck in her creating inflammation and finally a disease that very quickly consumed her. This event changed my life.

I have always loved fashion, art and beauty, it is a family legacy that led me to study fashion in Paris first and to graduate from Parsons “The New School of Design” in New York then.

On the other hand, a few years ago I disconnected from the path that this world was taking: large productions, fast sales, ephemeral designs, collections and pre-collections, poor clothing and little respect for what once fashion was …

The death of my mother made me explore different ways of living and healing my loss: with the help of a coach I began to connect with my inner energy and my chakras, I started to understand the difference between the “being” and the ego, I realized that we are co-creators of our lives with the Universe … I acknowledged that life is much more than what we have in front of our eyes and what is perceived with our senses, I connected with the great internal power within each one of us.

I have dedicated (and I continue to dedicate) a lot of time to listening to myself, to experimenting and to working energetically, I have seen how everything around me transforms beautifully thanks to this.

It was then that I understood that colour changes our emotions, that with fashion we can achieve and do much more than dress our physical body. Fashion can deeply touch any of us and can be an inspiration and guide to our consciousness: it is a way of expressing our identity, of communicating who we are and what we truly feel … fashion can help our soul to shine. If we don’t learn to make our spirit shine nothing can really work in our life.

Thus, in 2019, the Vagary Kalon Universe was born, a world of colours, shapes and freedom where anyone has the opportunity to create much more than just a dress. At VK we have the opportunity to discover ourselves, to begin to know and show our essences, to communicate what we have inside… but for this you have to be brave.

With love


immense gratitude


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